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Other research highlights

Nanophotonic particle simulation and inverse design using artificial neural networks

J Peurifoy, Y Shen, L Jing, Y Yang, F Cano-Renteria, BG DeLacy, ...

Science advances 4 (6), eaar4206

All-angle negative refraction of highly squeezed plasmon and phonon polaritons in graphene–boron nitride heterostructures

X Lin, Y Yang, N Rivera, JJ López, Y Shen, I Kaminer, H Chen, B Zhang, ...

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (26), 6717-6721

Experimental observation of superscattering

C Qian, X Lin, Y Yang, X Xiong, H Wang, E Li, I Kaminer, B Zhang, ...

Physical Review Letters 122 (6), 063901


Multifrequency superscattering from subwavelength hyperbolic structures

C Qian, X Lin, Y Yang, F Gao, Y Shen, J Lopez, I Kaminer, B Zhang, E Li, ...

Acs Photonics 5 (4), 1506-1511


Breaking the fundamental scattering limit with gain metasurfaces

C Qian, Y Yang, Y Hua, C Wang, X Lin, T Cai, D Ye, E Li, I Kaminer, ...

Nature communications 13 (1), 1-7

Analytical perspective for bound states in the continuum in photonic crystal slabs

Y Yang, C Peng, Y Liang, Z Li, S Noda

Physical review letters 113 (3), 037401

Optically compensated dual-polarization interferometric fiber-optic gyroscope

Y Yang, Z Wang, Z Li

Optics Letters 37 (14), 2841-2843

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